In World of Warcraft (yes, I play), whenever you gain a new level you often get a whole slew of new abilities - your avatar can do more than it could before. When that happens, the standard thing to yell is "Ding W00T!" Well folks, this summer I think the Samsung Blackjack will be calling out Ding W00T!

When I loaded the hacked Windows Mobile 6 ROM on there, I noticed something very, very odd. There was a new setting and a hidden application that kept loading itself in the background no matter what I was able to do, and it was called "Video Share." So today Mobility site points us to an AT&T announcement that this summer they'll be rolling out a real-time video sharing service. The page that displays compatible phones on the Video Share site doesn't list the Blackjack (yet!), but it does list two other Samsung phones. The fact that Samsung is on board with Video Share and the fact that there's a funny little "Video Share" application on my WM6-hacked Blackjack tells me it will be added to the list.

It also makes me strongly suspect that my earlier doom and gloom about the Windows Mobile 6 date for the Blackjack was wrong. A late July release for Video Share bodes well for the new Windows Mobile 6 ROM that supports it on the Blackjack.

Ding W00T!

A&T Inc. (NYSE: T) has announced the launch of AT&T Video Share, the first-ever service in the U.S. that allows users to share live video over their wireless devices while participating in a voice call. AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson highlighted the service during the opening keynote of the NXTcomm industry event.

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