On Tuesday, late night, we reported that the bright green Lumia 1520 with 16GB of storage was available to purchase from AT&T. However, a few things were odd. For one, AT&T did not announce it and two, it was at midnight when it went live. Some of you then noticed the new green variant disappeared from the AT&T site, and well, you have someone jumping the gun early.

No worries, as AT&T is now making the amazingly bright and massive green Lumia 1520 available for purchase, even alerting the press this time. Even better, local stores in our area are all reporting that it is in-stock and ready to buy, which just put a huge "OMG that is so tempting" hex on us.

Nothing else has changed with this Lumia 1520, unfortunately. You do get Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan right out of the box; 16 GB of storage (with 128 GB in micro SD) and still no Qi wireless charging (did you expect anything more?). At least with 8.1, you can now install apps and games to your micro SD, making the 16 GB of internal memory a moot point.

There is no word if this green guy is going wider for those global markets, though we sure hope so. The idea of a green Lumia 1520.3 unlocked for T-Mobile and AT&T users may be too tempting to pass if it ever entered existence.

Head to AT&Ts Lumia 1520 page to get your drool on, or just peep their new promo shots and pretend it is the 1980's.

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