We're learning a little more on the upcoming AT&T NoDo Update for the Samsung Focus and LG Quantum. As we mentioned the other day with the expected release on April 19th, the NoDo update will contain additional features unique to AT&T.

Microsoft's Eric Hautala has confirmed that the AT&T update has moved from Testing to Scheduling and adds,

"I forgot to mention the update we’ll be shipping to AT&T customers also includes support for two special AT&T features. The first is “WISPr” protocol support, which makes it possible for your phone’s data connection to automatically switch over to AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots when in range. The update also includes support for AT&T Address Book."

The WISPr support sounds interesting and if you frequent AT&T hotspots, this may save you on data package minutes. You can find out more about the AT&T Address Book here but basically it's an online address book you can sync with your Windows Phone. While having another source for contacts may not be that exciting, the online components to AT&T's Address Book does look interesting.

Hautula also recognizes that delay with the update for Surround owners is probably a letdown but explains that third party software earmarked for the Surround needed additional testing.

source: windowsteamblog