Netflix for Windows Phone 8

We love when apps get updated, especially big apps that are used daily by a lot of people. Audible and Netflix are two apps that we use often, both are great time killers whether you’re catching up with the latest bestselling novel or hit television series. Both also just received two updates on Windows Phone.

One thing does grind our gears, apps updating with no change log. Even if it’s as simple and mundane as bug fixes we like to know what the update is about. Both Audible and Netflix last had substantial updates in April, so it would be nice to know what’s new here. Unfortunately with no change log and quick initial impressions we’re going to say bug fixes and performance tweaks.

If you notice anything, be sure to let us and others know in the comments below.

Netflix and Audible are available to subscribers of the services on both Windows Phone 7.x and 8. Grab Netflix here in the Store and get Audible here.

Thanks for the tip Amir!

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