Audible Windows Phone

Audible has the distinction of being one of the most favored brands for audio books, the perfect compendium for daily commuters stuck in traffic. Their Windows Phone app is rather nice looking and for a little while the company seemed to show Microsoft some love.

Now, however, that app is one of a few major ones withering in the Windows Phone Store, having seen its last update 14 months ago back in November 2013. In response to a recent tweet question, the company now promises a new update is on the way.

"Hi Jay, an update is on the pipeline for this quarter. Thank you for your patience."

Although the Audible app maintains a 4.0 (out of 5) rating on the Store, there is an avalanche of user complaints. Problems ranging from resume issues, settings not being maintained and perhaps the worst, audio books won't even load plague the reviews section.

It is not clear if Audible is merely placating Windows Phone owners by telling them an update is on the way, or whether one really is – we suppose time will tell.

Audible also has a similar app for Windows 8.1 users that suffers from the same complaints. Fingers crossed that Audible has not just an update, but a re-write that makes use of the 8.1 developer tools.

We'll revisit the issue in the coming months, but for now the waiting continues.

Thanks, @jaykannan, for the tip!