The development community around Windows Phone may be small, but it is incredibly passionate and talented. There are times when an official app doesn’t exist on Windows Phone. And it’s those situations where developers rise to the occasion and create either killer alternatives or amazing unofficial versions of those apps. Audiocloud is an app that fits that description if you’re wanting to get your SoundCloud fix on Windows Phone. It also just picked up an update.

Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see version of Audiocloud ready for you. The last version that came earlier this month added a few new features like the ability to repost sounds. You won’t be getting new features in the latest update, but you do get some solid fixes. Here’s what’s in version 2.6:

  • Fixed Bluetooth-related issue
  • Fixed notification glitch
  • Fixed crash when viewing certain profiles
  • Stability enhancements

On Windows Phone I fluctuate between Xbox Music and Audiocloud when it comes to my music needs. I don’t recall any Bluetooth issues myself over the past few weeks, but I’m happy to see a potential fix for some users out there. The rest of the update contains various fixes, bug smashes, and enhancements for stability.

While this latest update might not be the most glamorous, it certainly keeps the argument going for Audiocloud as the premier Soundcloud experience on Windows Phone.

Audiocloud is free (no ads!) for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8. If you use Soundcloud this is the best app on Windows Phone by far. Grab it in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. 

Thanks for the tip Ramiiz!

QR: Audiocloud