WP Central Australia added to the list of launch events for Windows Phone

Seems like the Windows Phone 8 party is growing larger by the day. Invites are now reportedly going out for an event down under.

In the usual style of such an invite we get postcard landmark shot with details, Sydney Harbour Bridge, the date is set to 9am October 30th.

The main event in San Francisco, along with London and Italy are all due to kick off on the 29th so whilst it’s odd to see Oz get the 30th, likely just the time zone dictating that one. We’re wondering just how many more parties are going to kick off to celebrate the official unveiling. At this rate, we wouldn't be surprised if most of the regions picked up a launch event. Microsoft is in party mode for sure.

With so many launch parties in different countries, time zones and even days, the Windows Phone 8 launch is going to be a hoot. Such is the excitement around the 29th that Google wanted to get in on the act and have its own announcement. Whilst it's endearing they want to be part of the big day, its highly likely whatever they announce will be totally lost amongst all the frantic Windows Phone 8 partying. 

WP Central Australia added to the list of launch events for Windows Phone

The main purpose of the events will be to finally introduce us to the Windows Phone 8 and its associated apps and services. Whilst we know much about the core OS features there remains plenty of room for surprises when the backend services and apps are revealed. Windows 8 will bring some great new core capabilities they are going to really shine when apps are created to take advantage of them.

We’re curious to hear what other countries are up for launch parties, let us know if you’re region is getting one. We’d also like to know what you have planned for the epic occasion. So let us know in those comments below.

Source: Gizmodo