A new report says that Australia's Department of Human Services has purchased 6,000 of Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 tablets. The total dollar amount for the purchase was $13.8 million.

Surface Pro 4

According to CRN, the government department purchased the tablets via the Sydney-based IT services providers Ethan Group. The deal also included the purchase of accessories for the Surface Pro 4, like docking stations:

The reseller is no stranger to major end user device projects for government. In May, it deployed a fleet of 3,300 iPad Air 2 devices to the Australian Taxation Office in a deal valued at $3.2 million. A department spokesperson told CRN the devices were purchased under the Department of Finance's whole-of-government desktop hardware panel, with Ethan Group the preferred panellist at the time.

There's no word on what specific Surface Pro 4 model or models were purchased in this deal.

Thanks to Anan for the tip!