Surface Pro 3

Austrian Airlines has made the choice to ditch their paper flight manuals with Microsoft's Surface Pro 3, a couple of months after the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved the use of the Windows 8.1 tablet as a Electronic Flight Bag replacement.

The change means that the airline will offer its pilots a better way to access their information while in the cockpit while also saving on weight and fuel costs compared to the bulky paper manuals. Austrian Airlines said:

"The high performance, the large screen, and the – in comparison – very low weight make the tablet from Microsoft an ideal work instrument for the flight crew. In the course of the project, Austrian has bought about 950 Surface Pro 3 tablets in total. The version chosen features 128 GB storage, an Intel i5 processor, and 4 GB RAM."

In 2013, Delta Airlines announced they would replace their flight manuals with Surface 2 tablets. Do you think it's better for airlines to replace their paper documentation with tablets such as the Surface Pro 3?

Source: Austrian Airlines Thanks to Thilo for the tip!