Admittedly, we here at WPCentral don't ride-share to our blogging job, nor to our "real" job (though we use a motorcycle when we can, aww yeah). But we do recognize the importance and convenience ride-sharing can bring to you daily commuters and leveraging technology to aid that is always a good thing.

Enter Avego Drive, an app to make it easy to oranize a ride-share in real time. From the app description, they begin with one of the oddest selling points and explain what the app does:

"With Avego Driver, you can turn your car into a bus! Avego will offer your empty seats to other people along your route in real time. Avego automatically shares the cost of the journey between the driver and the rider, saving everyone time and money!"

The app is cross-platform, having been on the iPhone since 2008 (so you won't be reliant on just WP7 users) and works globally. However, it was originally designed/intended for those in Seattle, especially those near a certain Redmond campus:

"...the app was built specifically to support the Seattle-area's go520 real-time ride-sharing project. Crucial to the success of go520 is the involvement of Microsoft's approximately 40,000 employees in the Puget Sound region, the majority of whom have Windows Phone, and many of whom commute along the heavily-congested SR 520 corridor."

Overall, the app sounds like a winner if you're into ride-sharing and it is certainly a cool way to take advantage of your smartphone for real-life problems. You can grab the app here in the Marketplace for free.

via: NewsBlaze