Awesome Lock

Awesome Lock is a Windows Phone 8 lockscreen app that allows you to customize your lockscreen with the latest news, weather forecasts, calendar events, tasks and a lot more.

The app was recently updated to version that takes care of a few bugs and adds a nice list of customization features.  In addition to the update for the paid version, the developer also has released a free version of Awesome Lock.

Awesome Lock

The new customization features with the paid version of Awesome Lock include:

  • Facebook notifications
  • 500px was added as a background image source
  • Allow to left align all contents with the system time and date
  • Option to add the last updated time to the lockscreen
  • Added remaining battery duration to the battery display

The free version of Awesome Lock is scaled back a tad.  Lockscreen customization features include currency exchange rates (up to six currencies), weather forecasts, calendar events, battery information, owner information, countdown timer.  Background images can be supplied through Bing, 500px or through your own Windows Phone Pictures Hub.

If you are looking to give your Windows Phone 8 lockscreen a little more gusto, Awesome Lock is worth a look.  There is a trial version available for the paid version of Awesome Lock with the full version running $.99.  You can find either version of Awesome Lock through the following links and QR Codes.

QR: Awesome Lock