I've been using the Fuze for over a week now, so it's well-past time for me to put my thoughts down on video for the Smartphone Round Robin. Towards the end you'll see me go on about how it's nice that I can switch between the Fuze and the Q9h with relative ease and that's no joke: in my gear bag right now I have both. The Q9h is great for one-handed messaging, the Fuze is good for pretty much everything else. Both are solid choices, but neither is perfect for everybody.

Anyhow, the thing that's been hammered home for me about Windows Mobile this year is that the UI needs to be more discoverable. For example, last night I was out with Casey of Android Central and Rene of TiPb and discovered that neither of them knew about the email type-to-filter feature, one of my favorite things about WM. They hadn't run across this great feature even though both were actively reviewing the phone and trying to learn as much about it as possible for the Smartphone Round Robin. I wish I knew how to make WM's featureset more discoverable -- if I did, I'd certainly let Microsoft know.

The answer's definitely not pop-up tips, either. Frankly, MS does do a pretty good job of this by showing you a message on-screen the first time you try to auto-filter your inbox.

I'll sign off and let the video above do the talking -- saving the rest of my thoughts for the full review / return to Windows Mobile. Meanwhile, you best lay your comment down on this post if you're interested in winning a Fuze of your very own and a Celio Redfly to accompany it.

Update: Yeah, how about we turn comments on?  Thanks for the tip there, Bubbatex.