We've got some bad news, folks. Remember Joe Belfiore teasing a new Windows Phone app the other day? Unfortunately it turns out that the app isn't quite ready for release yet, so it has been pushed back slightly. Are we any wiser on what to expect? No, but we're still eager to see what Belfiore is getting rather excited about.

Boo. Now before anyone attacks Belfiore for teasing and subsequently letting consumers down, he did manage to publish a tweet that details how the app is being developed and published by another company, so details cannot be revealed unless the company in question wishes to announce the app. Makes sense. Still, we're waiting to see what's on the horizon.

While the app has been delayed, we can't imagine it'll be long before we're all able to head on into the Windows Phone store and check it out. Good news? We now know that it won't be US only and Belfiore did tease a second app that could be hitting the store this week, though it's noted that it's difficult to know when developers will hit the publish button.

Source: Twitter (@joebelfiore); thanks, Agent-P, for the tip!