BallBuster is an arcade styled basketball game for your Windows Phone that has you create trampolines in mid-air that you'll use to bounce a basketball into the hoop. The goal is to bounce as many basketballs into the net before time expires.

BallBuster has three game modes, Classic, Arcade and Skill. While there's not a description available, the key difference between Classic and Arcade Modes is that Arcade Mode has bonus or power-up items. In both Classic and Arcade modes your goal is to make as many goals as possible in sixty seconds.  Skill Mode differs a little in the you only six basketballs and you have to show your skill by sinking as many as possible in the hoop.

Game play for BallBuster has the basketball flying into play from the right side of the screen. You then swipe the screen to create the trampolines. The longer the swipe, the larger the trampoline. Trampolines will stay in play for a second or two and you can create more than one trampoline to get the job done.

The incoming basketball enters play at various areas of the screen, keeping you on your toes and making the game more challenging. The game does need a help/how-to section to define the game modes and what the bonus items do. BallBuster is a fun game in short spurts and while the game has potential, it still needs some polishing.

There is a free trial available for BallBuster and the full version is running $.99. You can find both here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.