It's easy for us to forget that smartphones are, first and foremost, a business. We (and you) certainly love our devices. Good thing we have Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer around to remind us it's really all about the numbers.

Gizmodo recently had a sit-down with the boss and grilled him on Windows Mobile 6.5. We mostly got the standard, partner-pleasing lines:

"I think there's a lot of great Windows phones out there now, coming to market now, based upon Windows Mobile 6.5. ..."

On 6.5 not really being up to snuff:

"I think Windows Mobile 6.5 enables a new generation of exciting Windows phones. That's what I believe. Reviews aside, that's what I believe."

On the future:

"Will there be a next release? Sure. And a release after that? Sure. And a release after that? Sure. There will always be new releases."

And, those blessed numbers:

"It's kind of a horse race right now. It's not like any one of the phones, at least on a unit volume, ah, perspective, has distinguished itself from the others -- except Nokia."

Not that we expected much more from the boss, but, darn it, it'd be great to put the Kool-Aid down every now and then. Check out the video over at Giz, and be on the lookout for the full interview later.