Microsoft's latest regulatory filing shows that Steve Ballmer received a bonus of $682,500, which is the same amount of money he draws for a salary as CEO.  While many of us would love to see a 100% bonus, the amount is actually only half of what he is capable of earning.  The filing indicates that the reasons behind the low bonus were stagnant Windows Phone sales and "the need for further progress in new form factors."

Ballmer himself admitted that sales of Windows Phone were not where he would have liked them to be, but with the recent rollout of Mango and Nokia's first WP7 handsets on the verge of making their way to the market, that could all change.  As for "new form factors," who saw their sales drop 2%, we've seen a glimpse of the future and the future is looking pretty good.  The upside to Ballmer's review is that Kinect was a huge success, Office 365 is taking off and Bing has increased its share of the search engine market to 27%.  One thing is for sure, Ballmer, who is the world's 33rd richest person in the world, can spare the the $682,500 that he missed out on this bonus period.

Source: SmartHouse