Band Sensor Monitor

If you use the Microsoft Band, then you will want to grab the latest update to Band Sensor Monitor. The popular app lets you stream real-time data from their Band, including skin temperature, heart rate and more right to their Windows Phone.

Today's update brings a brand new UI that exactly matches the design of the Microsoft Health app. Indeed, it is almost eerie to launch the app as it looks like a natural extension by Microsoft. Even the menus are fully functional.

Additionally, two other coveted features have been added:

  • Real-Time Chart: shows 1 minute sensor data with 1 second polling interval (live data)
  • History Chart:   shows all collected sensor data from the time app starts (all data)

As a side note, Venetasoft, the developers behind the app have teamed up with a group of researchers at a pediatric hospital in Washington DC. The teams are collaborating on extending the capabilities of the Band Sensor Monitor app to learn how these consumer grade devices can provide useful research information.

Band Sensor Monitor does open the doors for remote monitoring of patients or even elderly people, so it will be interesting to see where this effort goes in the future.

Bonus (SOLD OUT!)

Band Sensor Monitor usually costs $1.99, however for those who download and unlock the app using our unique code, they can get it for free. Only the first 100 of you will get it, so act fast!

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Let us know what you think of the app's new design and features!