Band Sensor Monitor

If you have a Microsoft Band, you must grab the latest updated to Band Sensor Monitor. The update just went live and with comes a slew of new features, including the ability to check your skin temperature right on the band itself!

Evidently, the latest firmware update to the Microsoft Band that came last week also allowed more sensors to be viewed. As such, the developers behind Band Sensor Monitor have already incorporated them into the app. Let's see what is new!

Band Sensor Monitor

  • Movement counter : A calculation the Band makes based on the gyro/accelerometer, now available as a standalone counter
  • Step pace sensor : Measures the average steps per minute.
  • Battery sensor : measures both charge percentage and filtered voltage.
  • Send sensor summary to the Band screen
  • New settings page: Temperature unit and sensor report
  • New Store icon
  • Improved help and messages
  • Extended trial

Under the app Settings, users can now find a 'Send report on button click' option. Enabling this feature shows whatever is toggled on the main page for sensors/counters to show up on the Band itself. Users can now simply click the right action button on the Band, and it reveals the requested information as a notification. It is super useful especially if you select Skin temperature (many runners asked for this feature).

Overall, this is a very cool update for those with the Microsoft Band, and it should make it even more useful. Also, make sure you check out Pimp My Band to enable custom wallpapers for the Band!

Make sure you check out our previous video embedded above demonstrating how this app works!

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