Check out what leadbyxampl has discovered in our forums: the Bank of America mobile banking site lists the devices that it's compatible with. It's standard fare ...except that they list support for the Treo 800w. Now, this sort of “leak” happens quite a bit and it's no confirmation of anything (not that we need it, we know the Treo 800w is coming). Well, ok, it might be a confirmation that the 800w is coming “soonish” -- the listing gets a little extra street cred for correctly identifying the internal code name for the PalmOS Centro. If they're “in-the-know” enough to call the Centro a “Gryphon,” perhaps their listing of the 800w isn't just some hopeful bank teller.

Maybe folks entering in the Rumortastic 800w Giveaway want to give Bank of America a call? (Hint: that's a joke.)