Baseball Pro '12 for Windows Phone

Baseball Pro '12 (formerly known as MLB Pro '12) is a nice Windows Phone app to keep you up to date with all the stats, scores and news from the Major League Baseball season. The app was recently updated to follow along with players Twitter tweets.

Baseball Pro '12 adds Player Tweets

Version 1.4 adds a twitter page to the Player Profile pages so you can see what your favorite ball player is tweeting. Additional features include:

  • Fantasy Playoff Prediction: Personalize your own fantasy playoff prediction and pick who is going to win the MLB World Series this year and compare your choices to everybody else's prediction.
  • Favorite Team: Follow your favorite team and gain easy access to your team page.
  • Live Tile: Pin as many teams as you want on your start screen and get a glance at their next game.
  • Deep News and Roster: Check the Latest news and rosters from every MLB team with detailed information about all players (including their tweets).
  • Latest Videos and Podcasts: Check out the latest videos and podcasts about the MLB and enjoy watching all the action on Baseball Pro '12.
  • Live Sports Talk: Share your comments and knowledge with everybody else at your Team's Page and talk trash at the other team's pages.

You will need to create a Baseball Pro '12 profile (free) to get the most out of the app. Even if you opt out of creating the profile, Baseball Pro '12 still offers a cornucopia of information from the Major League Baseball season.

Baseball Pro '12 is a free, ad-supported app that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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