The NPD Group has released its latest report for October 2016, providing an overview of video games sales in the United States. This month's report has crowned Microsoft's Xbox One as the best-selling console over the period, with Battlefield 1, Mafia III and Gears of War 4 topping the games sales chart.

As previously announced last week, the Xbox One took the top spot this month, outselling its competitors for the fourth consecutive month in the United States. Today's report has provided a closer look at hardware sales, showing that Xbox One sales have grown 8% year-over-year, with average pricing for the console falling by 17%. However, overall hardware sales took a 20% blow, now down to to $215.2 million.

The latest report has also given us an overview of last month's top titles, placing Battlefield 1 as the top grossing release for October. Even though Gears of War 4 was a console exclusive and had no digital sales tracked, the shooter managed to make its way to third on the chart.

Here's a closer look at this month's best-selling titles, ordered by dollar sales.

  1. Battlefield 1
  2. Mafia III
  3. Gears of War 4 (excluding digital sales)
  4. FIFA 17
  5. NBA 2K17
  6. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (excluding digital sales)
  7. WWE 2K17
  8. Civilization VI
  9. Titanfall 2
  10. Madden NFL 17

It should be noted that games such as Gears of War 4 and Mafia III both released in the first half of the month, being available on the market for a longer period. While Titanfall 2 has been projected lower than expected sales, the game released only four days before the month concluded.

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