We all know that your Windows Phone is a great way to stay in touch with the world and tap into various sources of information. We've seen this capability to develop apps to help guide you around large theme parks such as Disney World (e.g. Disneybot) and now we are seeing smaller venues and events tap into the Windows Phones to guide you around these arenas.

BayFest 2011 is the official Windows Phone app for the BayFest Music Festival that will be held this weekend in Mobile, Alabama. The companion app puts all the information about the event on your Windows Phone. The app includes everything but the kitchen sink on the musical event including the schedule of events (over 125 live musical acts will play through out the weekend), details about the bands, a map of the venue, and information about the event's sponsors.

BayFest 2011, the app, is a good example how large events can tap into your Windows Phone to keep you informed on what's going on. A Windows Phone app takes the place of brochures that can get lost and impossible to update (outside of costly reprinting).

If your in the Mobile area, BayFest runs from October 7-9, 2011 and the current musical lineup includes Duran Duran, Ludacris, Tobie Kieth, Korn and 3 Doors Down. You can find out more about BayFest 2011, the event, here at the event's website.

You can download BayFest 2011, the Windows Phone app, here at the Windows Phone Web Marketplace. It's a free, ad supported app.