BBC iPlayer WP8

The BBC has released an update for its iPlayer app on the Windows Phone Store. The popular client enables you to watch and enjoy your favourite shows in a catch-up and on-demand like experience. There's no public change log, but we're got you covered. The latest version (1.2) introduces a few new features, so pop on past the break to find out what's new in the release. 

If you've been enjoying the experience on your Windows Phone, you'll be pleased to learn that the development team behind the app has included a few new features to help make it even better. In version 1.2, you've now got fast resume, playback auto resume when returning to the app, as well as a few bugs being squashed in the process. Not a bad update to end the week.

Please note that access may be region restricted. You can download BBC iPlayer from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, Nick, for the tip!

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