Viggle is a sweet service that rewards you for watching TV and discovering new music. An official app for Viggle is now available for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone, enabling consumers to enjoy favorite media and earn some rewards. It's a dream service for many, checking into TV shows and matching songs playing in the background to earn Viggle points is something that would fit naturally in lifestyles today.

Once enough TV shows have been watched and tracks enjoyed, said points can be redeemed for song downloads, electronics, gift cards and more. Here are some features highlighted on the Windows Phone Store:

  • Check into TV shows or match your music to earn Viggle Points – Check into featured shows and songs for 2X, 5X, 10X points
  • Play along to shows and sports to score even more points
  • Access exclusive celebrity content with Wetpaint original videos
  • Set custom reminders so you never miss a show
  • Get tracks easily with points at Viggle Store
  • Choose from other rewards like movie tickets and gift cards from BestBuy, Lowe's, Gap, Fandango and more


If you're lucky and get stuck in with featured songs and shows, it's possible to earn up to 10x the amount of Viggle points. Overall, it's a neat idea to reward consumers with checking out new news and TV shows. There's also some social functionality too. We definitely recommend you check Viggle out if you enjoy numerous shows and whatnot.

QR: Viggle

Thanks, Billy, for the tip!