The promised update has arrived: Beam's website has received an overhaul with a fresh new design, support for Microsoft account sign-ins and more. Called Beam 2.0, the revamp had already been in beta testing for several weeks, but is now available to everyone as part of a low-key launch.

Beam website gets a big visual overhaul, Microsoft account sign-in and more

The overhaul is obvious from the get-go, as the purple-clad homepage now packs a cleaner design and the ability to feature multiple streamers on the outset. As Beam said when it initially teased the revamp, using the site should feel snappier as well, with a fivefold speed increase in loading times and a better experience for mobile users.

The actual web player has received some attention as well, now being entirely HTML5 and supporting higher bitrates and 60 FPS streams. Microsoft has also started laying the groundwork for tighter integration between Beam and its own services with support for signing in with a Microsoft account. Given that Windows 10 and Xbox One will soon sport built-in Beam streaming, this is a good sign.

If you're eager to check out the revamped Beam website, be sure to head over to now and give it a look. Let us know what you think of the redesign, and follow us at for Dan and Zac's live Friday podcast, Paul Acevedo's Saturday giveaway streams and our MGL Thursday streams.