Beards & Beaks is one of WPCentral’s favorite games to talk about – it’s got a couple of affordable paid DLC levels, it’s been updated for Mango, and our own Rich Edmonds has long-wished to grow a gnome-like beard. It’s also the Xbox Live Deal of the Week this week, on sale for the low price of $1.99.

Beards & Beaks is a casual real-time strategy game in which players control an army of gnomes by flicking the guys around the screen. With lots of different types of levels, gnomes, and enemy crows, the gameplay is surprisingly diverse. Plus it has easy Achievements, which some folks like even better than ice cream. Since I’ve already earned them all, I think I’ll go get some ice cream now. Oh, but if you want to know more about the game, check out our full review and our interview with the game’s producer.

The Beards & Beaks sale starts this Wednesday and lasts for one week only. Get the game here on the Marketplace.