Beats Music

Spotify finally picked up a big update this morning. Now we’ve got one for Beats Music, the newcomer in the music streaming game. Today’s update is all about speed and optimization. Let’s check out how much faster they made Beats Music today. 

The last update for Beats Music we covered took place in late February. It wasn’t a major update and instead addresses a handful of bugs that impacted playback. Today we’re looking at a bigger update and one that a lot of you Beats Music fans should really like. Here’s what’s new in version 1.9 of Beats Music:

  • Decreased download size from 8MB to 4MB
  • App is 200% faster
  • Startup time is down by half
  • Recommendations have been added to the Live tile
  • Bug fixes

Pretty big update for Beats Music. We’re pretty amazed at the optimization that has gone into version 1.9. It’s probably something the Xbox Music team should do to alleviate community complains. Zing. Jokes aside, we’re digging this update to Beats Music and really appreciate the team took the time to make it faster. We know you guys like things faster.

Download Beats Music from the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks for the tip everyone! 

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