Beem, a Windows Phone app that enables users to tap into the Digitally Imported ( music site, has been updated to 1.3. Billed as being developed to become the 'best possible DI.FM client on Windows Phone' by developer MVP Den Delimarsky, the app has seen praise from us earlier in the year when we included it in our Lumia 900 must-have apps list.

So what's new in 1.3? A slight modification to the UI, which looked superb as it was, has been applied, not to mention several bug fixes and improvements have been included. The ability to efficiently record an audio stream while on data connectivity (not WiFi) is now possible, which addresses "chopped" recorded MP3 files.

While the quality of uploading media has been improved, the ability to start recording multiple times in the context of the same station is also present in the latest version. It was an issue as the recording button would become locked once the first recording attempt was put through, which was reset when the user navigated away from the page.

Lastly, sound fixes have been implemented where some devices would experience lower playback when headphones were plugged in. This is reportedly no longer an issue on Nokia and Samsung hardware.

With the fixes and improvements of 1.3 out the way, Delimarsky has also published a paid version of Beem to the Store. This edition of the app is essentially the free version, but enables fans to make a donation to support further development and nights out in the town.

You can download Beem from the Windows Phone Store for free, or check out the paid version to leave a donation for Delimarsky, should you feel the app is worth the funding.

Source: den by default; thanks, Den, for the heads up!

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