Are you a beer connoisseur?  If so, take a gander at the Windows Phone app Beered!  The app has over twenty-five thousand beers in its database along with over four thousand seven hundred breweries.

Beered! allows you to tag a beer as a favorite, add a beer to the database and edit existing listings.  Beered! is a nicely laid out Windows Phone app to help you find a beer and keep track of the beers and breweries you have sampled.

Beered! Main Pages

The main pages for Beered! include:

  • Beers Page that has options to search the various beers by keyword, view the beer styles (over one hundred fifty styles), search the breweries by keyword, and randomly pull up a beer when you just cannot make your mind up.
  • My Bar Page includes options to view your favorite beers, add a beer to the database, edit an existing beer, and view your beer history.
  • Settings Page offers you access to the apps settings and the About screen.  Settings cover mainly appearance options that cover turning on/off images, brewery information, similar beers and social ratings/reviews.

Beer listings will display the beverage’s alcohol by volume (abv), beer logo, a description of the brew, the brewery information, organic status, availability, glassware served in, and similar beers.  You can also tag a beer as a favorite (tap the star), pin an individual beer to your Start Screen for easy access and share the beer through Facebook/Twitter.

Beered! Settings and Beer Listing

If beer is your cup of tea, Beered! has a stout database to help you find your next bottle (or chilled glass if you prefer).  There is a free trial version available with the full version of Beered! running $.99. Beered! is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices and you can find your copy of Beered! here in the Windows Phone Store.

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