We’ve been getting a lot of Windows Phone 8 live lockscreen apps lately and we couldn’t be happier. With these new tools for developers we’re going to start to see some real creativity in the coming weeks and we just found our new favorite: HelloFriends.

The app is so ingenious, we’re kind of shocked Microsoft didn’t build this in to the OS—after all, the concept is their very own. HelloFriends simply generates gorgeous lock screen wallpaper based off of your contact photos. It creates three types—all mini tiles, one with varying sizes and one with some huge tiles mixed in and then updates every 30 minutes with a new pattern.

What’s nice too is the app generates the images so that near the bottom it fades to black, allowing your time/date and notification area to remain highly visible.  Conceptually, the app reflects the core design principle of Windows Phone—making your phone personal. We already have Live Tiles, especially for the People Hub and Photos that display and flip images of your close ones—so why not bring that to the lock screen as well?

Okay, we suppose if you have really ugly friends, you may want to avoid it. But we’re not going to, as we love the look of these images, how it updates every half an hour and the whole idea behind it.

For that, we have to highly recommend this little ditty.

You can pick up HelloFriends here in the Store for $0.99 with a free trial (that appears to be limitless right now).

QR: HelloFriends