Verizon HTC 8X BestBuy

Best Buy is offering the Verizon HTC 8X for $199.99 when taken with a new 2-year contract. The flagship HTC Windows Phone 8 handset on offer supports 4G LTE, is tied to Verizon's network and comes in beautiful blue.

The 8X is HTC's beast in the road to Windows Phone 8 greatness. Dual-core 1.5Ghz CPU, 1GB RAM, 16GB storage and the Verizon version has been confirmed to include wireless charging functionality, much like what we've seen in both the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 Windows Phones.

We've known the pricing point of the HTC 8X for a while with previous leaks confirming both the HTC hardware and Nokia Lumia 822. If attached contracts aren't really your thing, Best Buy also has the device unactivated for $649.99.

Note that according to the listing the HTC 8X sports a MicroSD slot, which it unfortunately doesn't. Only the HTC 8S enables the use of removable media in HTC's Windows Phone 8 line-up.

According to the product listing, the HTC 8X is available in-store for the time being. No word on availability, but we've previously looked at Thanksgiving being the target for release. As we reported earlier, apparently Verizon / Samsung don’t want the Odyssey to “interfere” with the November launch of the Galaxy Note 2. 

Source: Best Buy

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