Best Buy for Windows Phone 8

The Best Buy app for Windows Phone has been updated. In the past the app hasn’t been well received. A mix of poor design and usability being the biggest culprits of the apps 2 star average in the Windows Phone Store. Does the recent revamp warrant a higher rating? Let’s check it out.

If you hit up the link below you’ll notice the Best Buy app sitting pretty in the store at version That’s binary for something right? Also, how does an update for an app put it in at basically version 1.0 again? Looks like this app has been redone for Windows Phone 8, but I’m not seeing any love from Best Buy for Windows Phone 7.x on my end. What’s new with this app?

  • Revamped UI
  • Voice integration

Best Buy for Windows Phone 8 Screenshots

The app looks and functions a bit nicer from before, but one new feature you’ll see is the ability to use voice commands with the app. When would you do that? Well, I’m not entirely too sure since it didn’t exactly work when I tried. But it’s been added to the selection of apps that take voice commands.

If you want to grab Best Buy for Windows Phone 8 you can head to the link here in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. (The comments below suggest this app may be U.S. only, which makes sense if you think of where the majority of the stores are located.)

Thanks for the tip aaa6112!

QR: Best Buy