Microsoft Band

If you want to order the Microsoft Band online and want it shipped to you quickly, Best Buy is currently your best bet. The site currently shows that shipments are going out the next business day, while Amazon and the Microsoft Store site are currently showing shipments as going out in at least two weeks, if not longer.

Best Buy also says that people who choose in-store pickup for the Microsoft Band can get them in 3 to 5 days after putting in their order. Amazon is now showing its shipments will go out in "2 to 4 weeks" and the Microsoft Store site shows that orders put in today will go out on April 1, two weeks from today.

By the way, the Target website has not yet listed Microsoft Band as being for sale. Microsoft included the retailer as one of the three in the US that would begin selling the fitness band "immediately" but apparently that has not happened, at least on its retail site.

Source: Best Buy, Amazon, Microsoft Store

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