If you haven't upgraded your RAM in a while, you might want to think about it. RAM is one of the simplest things to upgrade on your PC that leads to one of the largest steps up in performance. With better, faster, and more RAM you can do so many more things on your PC. It is the key to multi-tasking with multiple programs or loads of browser tabs or whatever. The more you do on your computer, the more RAM you need.

There are a few good deals out there, and we're tracking them all down for you.

Best RAM Deals

Pny Anarchy

PNY Anarchy 16GB 2x8GB DDR4 RAM | $119 off

Get 2400MHz operating speed with excellent multi-tasking capabilities. Has CAS Latency of 15ms for efficient operation and works with latest DDR4 motherboards.

$80.99 at Best Buy
Crucial Ballistix Rgb

Crucial Ballistix RGB 2x8GB 3000 MHz DDR4 RAM | $8

This is DDR4 3000MHz RAM with a CAS latency of 15. It has high-quality extruded aluminum heat spreaders for heat dissipation and an on-board DIMM sensor for real-time temperature monitoring. Not only do you get custom RGB with a lightbar that has 16 RGB LEDs and 8 zones, you can actually remove the light bar and replace it with your own 3D printed one if you want.

$89.99 at Newegg
Oloy Warhawk Ram

OLOy WarHawk RGB 2x8GB DDR4 4000 RAM | $22 off

Use code EMCESHA53 to knock the price down. This DDR4-4000MHz DIMM RAM has a striking design that'll look great hooked up to your motherboard. The timing for the RAM is 18-22-22-42. This is relatively new RAM, too, having just released in November last year.

$97.99 at Newegg
Crucial Vengeance Rgb

Crucial Vengeance RGB Pro 2x16GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM | $11 off

Optimized for the latest Intel and AMD motherboards that support DDR4 for the fastest response times and maximum bandwidth. Includes dynamic multiple zone RGB lighting with 10 ultra-bright RGB LEDs in each module.

$166.99 at Best Buy

Spotting RAM Deals

RAM is hard to track as far as finding the best value from every iteration. There are just so many brands and so many capacities and so many different speeds to keep track of. The best way to to decide what RAM works for you is just to decide how much of a capacity you need and then how much money you want to spend. Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg are the top online retailers for the best RAM deals, but you might be able to find some solid discounts at local computer stores, too. Check out the Windows Central Ultimate RAM buyer's guide for more information on making the best decision.

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