Hey every, no we haven't forgotten about the official WPCentral app. In fact, v1.3 is right around the corner. So close in fact we're opening it up to beta testers this week for some final polishing, so if you're interested read on for the details.

First, lets cover what's new in v1.3:

  • Overhaul of article reading display – inline images & formatting
  • Dedicated comments pivot
  • Editable tweets
  • Facebook integration with posting articles to wall
  • Shareable links to each article
  • New image viewer with pinch to zoom
  • Save images to your phone
  • Fixed a rare crash when navigating the app
  • Fixed a situation where the Live Tile could become stuck
  • Article list position is correctly resumed after tombstoning for Videos or app downloads
  • Minor speed optimizations to improve scrolling on pre-Mango devices

So that's the good news. As you can see, there's plenty of lil' changes on board to greatly enhance the user experience and make things smoother. We've also responded to a lot of your requests for features and added those, making the app that much better. The bad news is of course is still no ability to comment on articles. The reason for that is we're still doing some back-end server work, which may take a few more weeks to complete. That work will (fingers crossed) enhance commenting on the main site, which once completed we can port over to the app. Cool? So expect comments in v1.4 which will be pretty much the only feature in that version as we're gonna pump it out ASAP.

Update: Beta applications are now closed! You can still send in a request but it is unlikely that a second round of invites will be sent out. Hold tight for the full release soon!