Fake apps in the Windows Store are nothing new, but now it looks like one scam artist is trying to steal passwords by releasing fraudulent apps, including one that hides under the name of our of our favorite apps, Tweetium.

Brandon Paddock, the creator of the popular third-party Twitter app, posted an alert that a fake "Tweetium Beta (free)" app for Windows 10 Mobile is not his app and that it was set up by a scammer to steal passwords. He added:

"Even worse, the same "dev" posted 30 fake versions of trademarked apps, like "Madden NFL for free".

Keep in mind that the listing for the official Tweetium app shows "B-side Software" as the publisher. If you see something called "Tweetium" that is not published by that company, it's fake. Neowin reports that the fake app has been removed from the Windows Store, but it might still be lingering around for a little while as the update rolls out to every Windows Store market.

Source: Brandon Paddock (Twitter); Via: Neowin