While individual teams across Microsoft tend to have their act together, not all the teams are aware exactly or work together on things--often getting their lines crossed. That's the angle we're taking here with Bing showing off the ability to "Get the app by visiting m.bing.com/download with your mobile phone" and showing of Windows Phone (a Focus no less and an HTC device above).

Basically, we think there are two explanations here:

  1. The Bing team really thinks there is a downloadable version for Windows Phone and/or it is coming--interesting
  2. They're talking about Windows Mobile or just plain wrong--lame

The first option could be curious as it has been reported that the Bing app can also be updated independently of the OS ala Mobile Internet Explorer. In fact, we've seen our competition on the iPhone get numerous updates, blowing away our version in terms of features. But we have to remember, the Bing team is just concerned with getting their app on any device, not being beholden to just Windows Phone--that's how Microsoft's intra-companies work/see things.

The second option, unfortunately, is also likely as Microsoft tends to make mistakes on occasion and perhaps the Bing team is just assuming this will work. Either way, it doesn't and to be honest, until we see something that we can download (you can't now), there's not much here except that it is confusing.

Source: Bing; Thanks, sebastian, for the heads up