Bing Football predictions

The Bing prediction engine had a much better week in picking the winners of this past week's games in the 2015 NFL season than it did the previous week. After a so-so 9-7 record in Week 14, the Bing Predicts engine went back up to 11-5 for Week 15.

Microsoft says:

"Bing Predicts was 11-5 in Week 15, correctly picking Carolina to continue their unbeaten run against New York and Pittsburgh to win one of the marquee games of the week against Denver. Among the misses were Tampa Bay's loss to St. Louis, and Houston getting a crucial win over their divisional rivals, Indianapolis. Upsets by Atlanta, Washington and Detroit were the other misses. This brings Bing Predicts to 142-82 for the year."

With just two weeks to go in the 2015 regular NFL season, the Bing Predicts engine claims that Week 16 will see the Carolina Panthers keep their unbeaten streak going with a win against the Atlanta Falcons, while the struggling Denver Broncos will finally win again in their matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Source: Microsoft