Microsoft's Bing search engine didn't have a good experience this past week in predicting the winners of the latest games in the current 2015 NFL pro football season. In fact, it was its worst week yet, only predicting four game outcomes correctly out of the 14 games that were held during the 10th week of the current season.

Microsoft stated:

"If you use the mutual fund analogy, while we were ahead of the market (consensus fan polls on two major sports sites were both 3-11), Bing Predicts did have a tough week with several upsets happening which our models did not pick. This included Detroit getting a very rare road win, first since 1990, in Green Bay, Seattle experiencing a somewhat rare loss at home, Denver getting behind 29-0 at home before losing on a day where their QB broke the league passing record despite recording one of the worst fantasy scores for a QB this season before getting benched and Jacksonville also getting a rare road win, first in the last 14 games, after getting an untimed final play following a defensive facemask penalty."

After 10 weeks in the season and seven more to go, Bing's current total NFL game prediction record stands at 93-53.

Source: Bing