The Bing team today announced new features for web surfers who are either seeking a takeaway, or wish to get away and compare hotels. Microsoft has released a steady stream of updates to its search engine, offering a richer experience for those who "Bing it."

Ordering food from supported take away outlets couldn't be easier. Bing not only displays easy access to view the menu, but to order online as well. Just one click and you're already well on your way to receiving some awesome comfort food.

Bing Hotels

When you're not feeling the romantic film evenings with a takeaway, Bing now also makes it easier for when you want to search through and compare hotels. When searching for hotels in a specific area, Bing will display a carousel of photos and details for available choices, letting you compare at a glance. Clicking each listing will show the relevant results page, while keeping the carousel feature active at the top of the page.

The sidebar on each results page will include review snippets, location, average price per night and other information on reservations. There's no word on availability, but we were able to get the hotel feature working in the US and UK. France also appears to be supported, as noted below in the comments.

Source: Bing