Mobile Friendly Bing

The company has added a new "mobile-friendly" tag that is displayed on each search result just before the site description. Microsoft notes how more searches are carried out on mobile devices with smaller screens, and thus the Bing team has worked to implement the new feature that should lend a hand when you're looking for something on the web.

To check whether or not a website should be classified as "mobile-friendly", Microsoft looks at various factors including the following:

  • Navigation
  • Readability
  • Scrolling
  • Compatibility

Bing Mobile Friendly

"Typically all the factors above will need to be met for a webpage to be considered mobile-friendly by our classification algorithm. There are more factors that we are considering along the lines of mobile friendliness, like the friction that pop-ups sometimes create in navigating to the core content of the page."

The main goal with this move is to enhance mobile search through Bing. More and more people are using smartphones to not only get online, but search the web too. Having easy access to mobile-friendly websites will help those who simply do not wish to deal with being zoomed out on a desktop web design with horrible navigation and fires fifteen pop-ups to your phone's screen.

Source: Microsoft