Microsoft is rolling out a new feature for desktop users of its Bing search website that will offer a way for users to continue searching for related topics with questions, similar to what the company is offering Windows Phone 8.1 users with Cortana.

Bing is already offering direct answers to search strings on many subjects without making the user click on a list of links, but this new feature moves that development forward. Microsoft says:

"Now, not only will give you the answer directly in the search results, but we will also continue the conversation. For instance, you can ask 'who is the president of the united states', we will show you the answer. From there you might ask, 'who is his wife' or 'how tall is he.' Bing maintains the context and keeps the conversation moving forward."

Microsoft says that this improvement is based in part on the company's push with "investments in entity and conversational understanding." What do you think of this feature being added to Bing and will it help you in your searches on the Internet?

Source: Bing blog