If you have a Windows Phone, you probably use Bing and if you have PC or Surface, you probably use it as well. Good news then if you’re enrolled in the Bing Rewards program, because for only 2 credits, you can redeem yourself a 5% discount coupon from the Microsoft Store.

The offer is only good through this weekend but that also means that you can stack this on top of the big Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales expected to go live soon.

While 5% is not a whole lot, it could negate the sales tax, knocking off some big savings if you’re buying a new PC or Windows Phone. And considering we’re expecting some big discounts from the Microsoft Store for some awesome tech (e.g. Lumia 520 for $49.99), taking 5% off of that makes it even sweeter.

The offer is of course only valid for those in the US, due to the whole Microsoft Store thing. Then again, Black Friday/Cyber Monday is rather limited to the States anyway. There are some significant restrictions though, so don't get too excited:

"Excludes gift cards, pre-ordered products, Office 365, Volume Licensing, Xbox One console, Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro."

For more info on the offer, head to the Bing Rewards site ( or read the announcement post from Bing.

Source: Bing Blog