Do you have Windows Phone 8 (see review)? Okay, well probably not quite yet but if you are about to get one and you have some Bing points sitting by (you know, those things you get for every time you do a search using Bing on your computer), you can use 'em for the Windows Phone Store.

Yup, Bing Rewards has two special Windows Phone 8 offers on hand--one for 170 credits ($1.25) and one for 525 credits ($5). Redeeming them will turn into credits/voucher for the Store, which you can then use to buy Windows Phone apps...

The process is kind of neat and requires Windows Phone 8 because it uses the Wallet feature. After your purchase, you will receive a conformation email with a long code which you then redeem.

On your Windows Phone 8 device, you head to Wallet and tap "Add" to bring up the Microsoft Gift Card. You then simply copy/paste the code there and the OS will take care of the rest by validating the information. It then creates a Microsoft Store Credit in your Wallet which you can then opt to use to pay for apps.

Over all, it's a neat addition and finally brings Microsoft and Store credits to the masses. We can envision picking up Gift Cards at Microsoft Stores as stocking stuffers for the holidays. 

Head to Bing Rewards (US only) to get the deal. Thanks, John H., for the tip!