Use edge, not Firefox

Microsoft really wants Windows 10 users to surf the web with its new Microsoft Edge web browser. In fact, the act of searching for rival browsers like Firefox or Chrome on the Bing search site could generate a message that suggests using Edge in Windows 10.

This interesting wrinkle in the browser wars was first spotted by Venture Beat. The first time Windows 10 users on Edge search for the names of the browser made by Mozilla and Google on Bing brings up a "Microsoft recommends Microsoft Edge for Windows 10" message in the search results. There's also a "Learn Why" button link that leads to a page that offers a general summary of Edge's features. The message only shows up the first time "Firefox" or "Chrome" is searched for in Bing.

Venture Beat contacted Microsoft for comment and got this response:

"Microsoft Edge was designed exclusively for Windows 10 with features and functionality that enhance the browsing experience such as Cortana, Web Note, and Quick answers," a Microsoft spokeswoman told VentureBeat in an email. "These notifications were created to provide people with quick, easy information that can help them get to know these experiences better. That said, with Windows 10 you can easily choose the default browser and search engine of your choice."

Microsoft Edge, which is only being used on Windows 10, claimed 2.07% of the total worldwide PC browser share in August, according to Net Applications. It will have a hard road to claim a larger share of the browser market compared to Chrome and Firefox, both of which can be used on multiple PC operating systems.

Source: Venture Beat