A program manager from the Bing team took anonymous search logs generated throughout the Cricket World Cup 2015, and then fed the data into Excel's Power Map feature. Interested in what he found? Check out the video above.

Here are a few highlights from the data gathered by Microsoft:

  • Cricket's a global sport and the fans are a far-flung diaspora
  • India and Pakistan's fans are passionate. Really passionate. In a city such as London, the fans of India's team drown out the fans of England. As we expand our view across the city and across the UK, the diversity of the population comes to life.
  • Fans turn to search before, during and after games. They get ready with game times, Bing's predictions, team selection, pundits' views, then follow the scorecard and key moments in real-time, and get reflections and highlights (before searching either for the time of the next game or the flight home).
  • You can almost feel the ebbs and flows of national pride at key moments through the data – as India and Pakistan join the competition, as Afghanistan wins its first ever World Cup match, and as co-hosts Australia and New Zealand build to a climax in Sunday's final in Melbourne which saw Australia take the title for a record fifth time.

The data visualization was made possible by Power Map, which is a free Excel add-on that features technology developed at Microsoft Research. The add-on can be downloaded from here.

Source: Bing

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