Bing and 500px

If you’re a fan of Microsoft Bing’s image of the day, then you are about to get excited. The folks over in Redmond have teamed up with social photography sharing site 500px to “bring select photos from their site to the Bing experience.”

What does this mean exactly? We aren’t a hundred percent sure. It is obvious that Microsoft will now be using photographs from the site to enhance their own front page (and yes they give credit to the photographer). Whether they simply search for royalty free imagery or actually reach out to each individual photographer is up for debate.

You can see the first example of the experience on today’s Bing homepage. The beautiful photo taken is a shot from the top of Burj Khalifa in Dubai; it is currently the tallest man-made structure in the world. If you click to learn more about the photograph you do get a short profile about the photographer, Alisdair Miller.

Bing plans to feature over 2.5 million members of the 500px community thru “selected parts of the experience.” Stay tuned and we will start to see exactly where these images pop up.

Are you on 500px ( Right now might be the time for photographers to jump onboard.

Source: Bing Blogs