Bing apps Windows Phone 8

It was in early August that Microsoft finally launched a suite of Bing apps for Windows Phone 8. Apps like Finance, News, Sports, and Weather had been on Windows 8 for months, but not on Windows Phone. The apps were very welcomed by the community. Now we’ve got some updates for a few of those apps. Details below.

This looks like it might be the first round of updates for these apps on Windows Phone. We’ve heard that they’ll be receiving fairly large updates for Windows 8.1 in a few weeks. But today we’re looking at Windows Phone.

Bing News, Finance, and Sports all received updates today. We’re not seeing any for the Bing Weather app. No changelog came with the updates and after comparing them side by side it looks like it’s just bug fixes and performance improvements. If you’ve had any issues with the above listed apps, see if this update fixes it for you and sound off below.

Interested in grabbing them? They’re available for Windows Phone 8 users and are free of charge. Download links below followed by QR codes. You know the drill.

QR: Bing Finance

Bing Finance in Windows Phone Store

QR: Bing Sports

Bing Sports in Windows Phone Store

QR: Bing News

Bing News in Windows Phone Store

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