Bioshock Infinite

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have seen their share of current-generation remakes of last-generation console games. Now an online retailer may have prematurely revealed plans for yet another current-gen remake of the games in the classic BioShock first-person action game series.

The listing was posted, and then quickly removed, from the South African retail site Raru, but not before AllGamesBeta managed to get their hands on a screenshot of that list. It also shows a possible release date of November 27th. IGN contacted BoShock's publisher 2K Games, who stated, "2K doesn't respond to rumours or speculation".

The original BioShock, developed by Irrational Games, was first released in 2007, with the player finding himself inside the underwater city of Rapture in the year of 1960. The games was known for its unique art style and some interesting moral themes. In 2010, BioShock 2 was released from developed 2K Marin. Most of that game took place in 1968. In 2013, BioShock Infinite was released, again by Irrational, and was set on a floating city in 1912.

Source: AllGamesBeta; Via: IGN