Planning on hitting the shopping mall on Black Friday? Need an easy way to track the bargains from your Windows Phone? If so, check out the Windows Phone app BlackFriday.


BlackFriday is powered by the website that pulls all the deals they can find under one roof and sends them to your Windows Phone. The main pages of the app list news items, store listings, categories of shopping and a keyword search page. Once you've found a store or category you are interested in, the app will pull all the sales listings.

Tap on an individual listing and you'll pull up any web listing for that sale item. You also have the ability to map local retailers from BlackFriday and share deals with friends. The app will use your Windows Phone's location services to pull in deals within your area.

In just tinkering with BlackFriday it comes across as a useful app for the shopaholic and a nice utility to find your way to the bargains. There is a free trial version available that will give you a feel for the app but is restricted on how many bargains it will list. The full version will run you $1.99 and you can download it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.